You may have heard of gingivitis, but what is it exactly and how can it affect your oral health? Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by a buildup of plaque on your teeth. It’s an early stage of gum disease, but fortunately it is easily preventable and treatable. Here are some things you should know about gingivitis so you can avoid it and treat it if necessary.

What Are The Symptoms of Gingivitis? 

Since many of the symptoms of gingivitis are visual, it is fairly easy to detect. This is good news, because the earlier you spot gingivitis, the easier it is to treat. Some of the symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • Gums that are red, swollen, or tender
  • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Gums that have pulled away from your teeth
  • Tooth pain
  • Bad breath

What Causes Gingivitis? 

Gingivitis is caused by poor oral hygiene habits. Without regular brushing and flossing, plaque is able to develop and harden around your teeth, causing gingivitis. Smoking and preexisting medical conditions can increase your chances of developing the gum disease.

Gingivitis can also be a complication of a poor immune system. So, it’s wise to strengthen your immune system by adopting a wide spectrum diet. This diet will allow you to explore different kinds of colorful and vibrant foods. The more colors you integrate in your diet, the better the results.

Treatment and Prevention 

The best way to prevent gingivitis is through a regular and complete oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing and flossing at least twice daily. Avoiding cigarettes and maintaining a healthy diet are also great ways to prevent plaque from collecting on your teeth. It’s also important to schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure that your teeth stay their whitest.

If you suspect you have gingivitis, speak to a dentist or dental hygienist. They’ll be able to diagnose your condition and devise a treatment plan that works for you. In most cases, having your teeth cleaned and implementing an oral hygiene routine will be enough to get rid of gingivitis. However, if left untreated, gingivitis can cause more serious problems that could require medical attention.

Gingivitis is a serious oral hygiene issue, but fortunately it’s easily treatable and preventable. If you have any oral hygiene concerns, contact us at Sherwood Dental and get your smile looking and feeling the brightest it can be.