Composite bonding is a dental solution for teeth gaps or minor teeth damages. It is a fast and effective method for fixing minor cosmetic teeth issues. Composite bonding is used to fill fractures, teeth chips, gaps and even discolouration.

It involves the attachment of a composite resin to the tooth and then shaping it to restore the original appearance and match the colour to that of the natural tooth.

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Who Can Use Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding is pretty much appropriate for every patient as it doesn’t involve any complicated processes.

It is a purely cosmetic process that can be used to improve tooth appearance for anyone.


What Exactly Does Composite Bonding Do For Your Teeth?

1. It can help to improve the appearance of your smile by changing the look of slightly crooked teeth due to resin filling in some parts.

2. Beautiful results can be achieved by using composite bonding to fill in single gaps between two teeth or multiple teeth gaps. They are mostly used to fill in small gaps and not large gaps. Orthodontic treatments may be used to correct large gaps between teeth.


Procedures Involved In Composite Bonding

  • A consultation is made with the dentist to determine if composite bonding is a good fit for what you want to achieve for your teeth. Dental care experts at Sherwood Dental Clinic ensure that you’re getting the best option for you.
  • On the day of your appointment, the dentist finds the colour shade that matches your teeth.
  • Then the teeth are roughened to ensure that the resin sticks. A conditioning liquid is applied to clean the surface of the tooth.
  • The resin material is applied next and the dentist moulds the tooth to the desired shape.
  • The resin is hardened using UV light which bonds it to the tooth surface.
  • Then the tooth is polished to shine like the other teeth.

Your beautiful smile is ready to illuminate the world!


Benefits Of Composite Bonding

  • It is a Fast Process
    Composite bonding can be done very quickly. When the composite is added, UV light is used to harden it immediately and then you’re free to go. It saves you a whole lot of time and extra dentist visits.
  • It is Non-Invasive
    The application of composite bonding is a non-invasive process compared to other alternative processes like veneers. It only involves roughening of the tooth surface to help the resin bonding.
  • It is Cost-Effective
    Composite bonding is a cheaper option compared to its alternatives.
  • It is a Painless Procedure
    The procedure is pain-free and does not require anesthesia or teeth drilling. It also causes no permanent alteration to the tooth structure.
  • It is Durable
    Composite bonding can last for a number of years between 5 to 7 if properly taken care of with regular dentist visits.


Disadvantages Of Composite Bonding

  1. Composite bonding isn’t as strong when compared to other materials since it can not withstand a high amount of pressure
  2. It can get discoloured when certain food substances or drinks are consumed.

An example is coffee or smoking.

It is advised to brush often, floss regularly, drink water often and avoid things that stain the teeth.

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