Research has shown that the older the child, the better and more capable they are of brushing their teeth and cleaning a larger surface area. But if children learned the right brushing technique from the very beginning, wouldn’t they be able to do a great job by themselves at an earlier age?

Oral Health Improvement Begins Early

The answer to this question was revealed in a study wherein kindergarten children were taught to brush their teeth using a new technology for five consecutive days. Researchers found that afterwards, children were much more thorough and improved their technique significantly.

So, when can your child start brushing on their own?

Every child is different, so parents must be the ones to assess when their child is ready to begin caring for their own hygiene. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to safely measure their child’s hygiene and ensure proper procedures are taken.

While parents must still be involved, the age which kids normally begin brushing their own teeth seems to be somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9—a stage associated with increasing responsibility, such as homework and chores.

What if my child is under six, but is very advanced?

If your child is under six, but you have the confidence that they’ve reached a maturity level high enough to begin taking care of their oral hygiene, there are ways to encourage responsibility while also safeguarding their plaque is under control; for example, plaque disclosing tablets are a great and easy way for children to be aware of the presence of plaque. These solutions turn plaque a different color so that it is can be quickly spotted, and therefore easy to remove.

Importance of Oral Health Consultations

It’s always right to start proper dental habits at home. If your kids can develop such dental habits, they will have excellent oral health in a few years or so. But dental habits won’t just cut it – your kids need the guidance of a dentist or a dental hygienist. So, whenever possible, you need to schedule your kids for oral consultations.

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