In dentistry, gums are as important as teeth. Underlying gum problems are known to cause teeth damage and a host of other oral diseases. Your gums can even be an indicator of good health or poor health. If you think that your gums are okay, think again – the problems might appear sooner or later.

Why Do You Need to Be Serious About Gum Health?

More often than not, your gums signify the state of your health. If your gums are pale or too red, then something is not right. During regular checkups, doctors will take a look at your gums and point out any notable problems. You must focus on dealing with these problems and ensuring the improvement of your gum health.

Your gums won’t get infected or damaged in a snap. It takes years of abuse and dental hygiene neglect before the damage sets in. Usually, gum infection is the result of continuous bacteria buildup and plaque formation. Think of your gums as filing cabinets that are slowly being filled with documents and files. The clutter will make the cabinets bulky and heavy. Your gums are almost the same.

Another way to envision the importance of gums is to consider it as a delicate microbiome filled with good and bad bacteria. Balance is essential for this microbiome. Otherwise, there will be loads of oral health issues like gum infection, teeth decay, teeth pain, sensitivity, and loss of bone structure.

Nutrition and Your Gums

Here’s a cold truth: brushing and flossing are required dental activities but they’re not enough. Your gum health won’t improve if you keep on eating artificial sweets and processed foods. In fact, you will just mitigate all positive effects if you have the wrong diet.

To take care of your gums, you need proper nutrition. You can begin by eating highly nutritious foods such as green leafy vegetables, fibre-rich options, and some fruits (measured portions). Avoid carbonated drinks and concentrated fruit juices because they are sugar bombs.

Do you love dried fruits? Yes, they’re somehow nutritious but they’re notorious for having high sugar content. Eat them in small portions so you wouldn’t have teeth problems.

The classic bread is everyone’s favourite. What’s not to love? It’s soft, delicately rich, and will definitely make you full all day long. But you should keep in mind that starch – an active component of bread – is bad for your teeth. Bread is satisfaction-friendly, not enamel-friendly.

Healthy Gums & Teeth Stability

If your teeth hurt, you will have a hard time enjoying your favourite foods. The same thing applies if your gums hurt. There’s a direct correlation between gums and the stability of your teeth, aside from their proximity. Unhealthy gums will bring teeth infection and decay. You might even develop bad breath, irritations, and teeth staining.

So, think of it this way: if you protect your gums, you can protect your teeth as well.

If your gums are 100% healthy, your teeth bite will remain functional and strong. You can forget about sensitivity and aching jaws. But if you’re already experiencing bite problems, you must consult your dentist. He/she will determine if the problems are caused by your gums.

How to Improve Your Gum Health?

To improve the health and stability of your gums, you need a plan. Take a look at your dental habits and determine which ones must be improved. As a rule of thumb, you must brush your teeth at least twice per day. Don’t brush immediately after a meal – wait for 15-30 minutes. Flossing is a must too. You can choose regular string flosses or automatic water irrigators.

Always discuss your progress with your dentist. This way, you will know how to take further action and determine the necessary steps if your gums already have problems.


Forming the right habits is the real challenge with gum care. You need to envision a life without gum problems or any related teeth damage. By doing so, you will become more determined to take care of your gums and oral health. Start today and let every habit count!

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