Need a Root Canal Specialist?

We offer specialist dental root canal (endodontic) therapy and endodontic micro-surgical procedures in Kitchener.


Dr. Jacqueline Lopez Gross received her M.Sc. in Endodontics from University of Toronto. Prior to her specialty training she spent a year at New York University as a resident in the Advanced Program for in Endodontics. Among her accolades, she received the award for “Best Oral Research Presentation” at the American Association of Endodontics Annual meeting in 2018 and received a Research Award form the International College of Prosthodontics and IFEA in 2019. Currently she is a lecturer in the Graduate Endodontic Program at University of Toronto and is an Adjunct Clinical Faculty at University of Western Ontario. She is also a reviewer for the journal “Clinical Oral Investigations”.

Referrals can be made on our website, by e-mail or by fax. After the patients’ root canal therapy has been completed, a written report and post-operative radiographs will be forwarded to your office electronically (please include your e-mail address) or by fax/mail.

We appreciate your referrals and are looking forward to working together for the benefit of our patients.