A Christmas celebration without foods is not appealing to anyone. Even though Christmas is all about giving and sharing, food still represents togetherness. With the abundance of food in Christmas gatherings, people tend to forget about one thing: teeth vitality.

Your teeth affect your social stance in positive or negative ways. If your teeth are crooked or stained, people might become apprehensive around you. So, during this holiday season, it’s important to be aware of bad habits that can mess up your teeth.

Shatter Your Teeth By Eating Sweets Non-Stop

Sweets play a major part in Christmas celebrations. You can find candy canes, toffees, swirls, M&M’s, gumdrops, and even chocolate chip cookies in a regular holiday party. Nothing can be done about this, but you can exercise proper control.

Believe it or not – the number of sweets that you’re eating will pale in comparison to the amount of time spent eating them. If you spend two hours eating sweets, you’re subjecting your teeth to a cascade of artificial acids. Eventually, a percentage of your enamel might wear off. Portion your sweets – your future self will be thankful.

Drink Various Types of Liquor

It’s easy to get drunk during a Christmas party. Feel free to choose from whisky, rum, gin, vodka, and the superstar beer. You can drink a few glasses of specific liquor but do not mix your delightful poisons.

By mixing different types of drinks, the current acidity of your mouth will amplify to high levels. As you become intoxicated, your mouth turns into a pool of mixed acids that will affect your teeth enamel. After the drinking session, your mouth will become drier than the Sahara. The effects of dehydration will also set in.

Be Voracious Around Meats

Meats are a mainstay in every holiday celebration. Cooked hams, chicken pies, steaks, barbecues, burgers, and hot-dogs – you name them all! A newly cooked meat meal is enough to make anyone salivate.

If you’re preparing to devour meats like a hungry Viking, simply step back. Portioning is important in every Christmas meal. Being a voracious meat eater will cause a deep strain on your teeth. This will eventually lead to plaque and tartar buildup.

Use Mouthwash As All-In Solution

The great mouthwash was once not a plain mouthwash. People love to use mouthwash to clean their floors and disinfect wounds. When Listerine entered the market, people realized that mouthwash is great for teeth and mouth. If mouthwash has the strength to clean objects and neutralize germs, should you use it often? It depends.

The modern mouthwash is designed to freshen up your breath and make you comfortable. However, many people use mouthwash as a substitute to brushing and flossing. If you follow this route, you’re exposing you teeth to long-term dryness, gum sensitivity, soreness, and gum infection. Limit your mouthwash usage during the holidays!

Forget About Flossing Your Teeth

Flossing is the theoretical sibling of brushing. If you brush and floss afterwards, you’re preserving the vitality of your teeth for a long time. During the festive holidays, you shouldn’t forget to floss (or brush, in that matter). Many people forget to do this, and they have to suffer tooth pain and decay afterwards.

It takes only a few minutes to floss. You can even purchase flavoured flosses to keep you encouraged and well-driven. Mint is the most popular flavour because it can freshen up your teeth and mouth.

Important Notes

Eating like a king is very common during Christmas. But you should weigh your options properly. Do you want to risk the health and vitality of your teeth? Just keep in mind that you can enjoy the delightful things offered by Christmas without compromising your oral health! It’s all about discipline and moderation.

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