Many people will be making New Year resolutions in the hope of a better lifestyle in 2018. Sherwood Dental, your Kitchener dental office, believes that a Happy New Year is a Healthy New Year, so we’ve come up with 5 tips to improve your well-being and help you to live life to the full.

Better Nutrition for Continuous Health Improvement

A poor diet is a common cause of gum disease. However, the problem with trying to eat healthily is working out which foods and drinks are good for you and which to avoid.

Eating crispy foods like carrots, celery and apples will remove plaque and food particles that accumulate between your teeth. They are also high in fiber, so they take longer to chew, which produces more saliva. An adequate supply of saliva is necessary to flush out bacteria in the mouth.

Vegetables and fruit high in vitamin C are good, but starches and sugar will create a breeding ground in your mouth for germs. Dairy products, such as yogourts, milk and cheese, are rich in calcium, which helps to strengthen bones.

Give Up Smoking

According to Statistics Canada, smoking is the main cause of premature death in the country. If you’re among the 15 per cent of the population who still smoke, the New Year could be an ideal time to kick the habit.

Toxins in cigarettes attack the gums, making it easier for microbes to build up. Smoking is also linked with serious illnesses such as cancer and lung and heart disease.

If you want to kick the smoking habit to improve your oral hygiene and overall health, your dentist or doctor will be able to advise you about smoking cessation plans.

Cut Down on Alcohol

If you suspect you may be drinking too much alcohol, here’s a plan for cutting down your consumption.

Set a restriction on how much you’re going to drink in any given week, and put aside a corresponding amount of money. Get support in your efforts from family and friends, as you cut back a little each day. Swap strong beers or wines for ones that contain less alcohol.

Cutting down on alcohol will make you feel less tired during the day and you’ll start to feel better about yourself. You might also stop putting on weight. Heavy drinking can also lead to depression, so cutting down may put you in a better mood generally.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping for seven to eight hours each night is important. Lack of sleep can result in health issues such as hypertension and stroke. Establishing the same routine every night before you go to bed can help you to get a good night’s sleep. Using electronic technology such as computers, laptops and smartphones has been shown to be detrimental to sleep, so switch off an hour before bedtime.

Make a Health Improvement Plan With Your Dentist

A New Year resolution to have regular dental check-ups will give you the best chance of avoiding problems with your teeth and gum, or picking up on an existing issue in the early stages. A dental visit every six months will enable your dentist or dental hygienist to monitor the state of your teeth and gums and draw up a treatment plan if necessary.

Sherwood Dental wishes all our patients a Healthy and Happy New Year.